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ChillaVino is the first of its kind beverage bottle display that maintains the beverage at an ideal temperature while it is elegantly displayed on your table, bar or setting of your choice.

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We’ll help you promote your brand, impress your guests and maintain your desired beverage temperature.

* Elegantly displays wine without submerging in water.
* Maintains a desired temperature without encasing the bottle in ice.
* The label stays dry and intact while being displayed.
* No wet areas or towels required.
* CV stores easily after every use

ChillaVino™ is designed to elegantly display your bottle while maintaining a preferred consumption temperature. This appliance is designed to display and temperature control standard sizes of wine, Champagne, sake,cider, bottled waters, and any other desired beverage and to prominently display the label. It is destined to replace the ice buckets and marble chillers found presently in most restaurant and hospitality establishments and become the standard for serving, displaying and chilling your favorite bottled beverage.

As a household item, this beautiful display will accent any home décor, kitchen, bar or man-cave.

In the restaurant and nightclub industry ChillaVino™ will elegantly display the bottle while maintaining the desired temperature; an important issue for both consumers and manufactures of fine beverages. It will also eliminate the need for the common “ice buckets” which do not showcase the beverage bottle, deteriorate of the label, and potentially create a wet messy area. These are typically aesthetically displeasing, while also creating a slip and fall hazard to employees and guests. Storage of the ice buck can also be a challenge while CV can be stored by simply hanging it on the wall.

Near-term product line extensions include CV “skins” that will provide interchangeable patterns and designs to dress the units to match any desired pattern, home décor. CV is also an advertising medium while being customizable to include sports and character licensing, strategic branding, and promotional awards, gifts and incentives.

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