Eliminate the Mess & Preserve the Experience

With ChillaVino, there’s no more mess!

A wine or beverage cooler that elegantly displays your bottle while maintaining the ideal consumption temperature. But it’s also a billboard and a decorative display that can be customized for any occasion, your business or home. And it doesn’t waste a single drop of water!

Wine is the oldest and most popular man made beverage. The taste, texture and aroma of today’s fine wines have become a scientific process that represents a 300 billion dollar business. The single most important external factor though is the proper serving temperature. The ice bucket however is not the answer. It over chills the wine, which suppresses the flavor and aroma, while wasting water and causing a mess! As far as the coinsure or the vineyard is concerned, do you really think they want their label submerged in water? Not a chance!

With ChillaVino, there’s no more mess. It’s actually quite simple. Take the custom ice pack and keep it frozen until you’re ready to serve your beverage. Simply insert it and you’re beverages will stay cool for hours.

Since the beginning of time, wine has been a part of every celebration known to man. ChillaVino not only displays and maintains the proper consumption temperature, you can personalize for your home, decorate or customize it for every occasion, celebration or promotion!

It’s really that simple. Decorate your home, promote your label or company; and you won’t find a better gift idea.